Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lessons Learned

Image result for it always seems impossible until it's done
Here are the top 20 in no particular order:
  1. It's not cheap. In retrospect, I could've committed to 10 marathons, gained all the benefits and saved a bundle.
  2. It's ok to walk. So many have finished races ahead of me after walking a lot, and taking selfies.
  3. Fast runners come in all shapes and sizes, with capes and strollers, etc. 
  4. Racing frequently takes the fun away. 8 in 18 days was too much for me. 4 in 4 weeks is healthy.  
  5. Practice good sportsmanship. I make more friends and learn more by staying for the awarding, even if I don't win anything.
  6. Running in the rain is fun.
  7. Blogging is therapy. Since writing about my running life, I've managed to be less obnoxious by not talking about running (as much). I've also made many online friends who overwhelmingly support and guide me.  
  8. You're likely inspiring someone, no matter how sucky you feel. I'm always motivated by other runners. If I were a rabbit, then someone in front of me could be a carrot. That carrot could be you. So keep going.
  9. I'm slow on grass, but cobblestones are the worst.
  10. Wear trail shoes in trail runs for better protection.
  11. Expect to be dirty in trail runs, even when the ground is dry.
  12. I'm slower when it's hot or very cold. I was surprised with the effects of winter. I thought that if I'm faster in cooler weather (45-65F) then I should be better at lower temperatures. I don't know what the science is but I'm sure there's a study out there somewhere to explain this.
  13. Learn the course, It helps pace and finish strong.
  14. Don't expect a shirt even if the website asks for a shirt size.
  15. Easier to win an award in small races - 100 or less
  16. If the course was shorter than expected, I would keep it to myself. It's deflating to know that I trained, ran my heart out, and attained a personal best in a badly measured course. I personally want to know, but others may not. 
  17. Post race food may be limited. Please don't hog it.
  18. Compression socks are tough to put on after a run.
  19. Racing a lot takes the jitters off. I sleep better now.
  20. Strength/cross training is a must. Haha! I'm still learning to embrace strength and cross training. I know for a fact that this helps prevent injury but I still struggle finding the motivation to do it consistently.
Would I do this again?  Well, I can't be 50 again but there are other things I'd like to try including a triathlon, 

Next Goal:  60 half marathons by 60 or Sep 2025. Since I have 10 years to accomplish this, I've reset the number to zero. Since October this year, I have completed 3 half marathons. Follow my crazy journey through Booze and Running Shoes.

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