About Me

I started running at age 46 and it has changed my life immensely. Before May 2012, I was borderline obese, and depressed. Within 5 months, I'm 23 pounds lighter and much happier, I think more clearly, and just feel great.

I'm a working mom with 3 wonderful children: 2 daughters and a son who were born 7 years apart (unintentionally) with my eldest in 1990. Everyone in our family, including my very supportive hubby, has finished at least one 5k race.

I was born and raised in the Philippines and started living in the USA in 1996. I speak 2 languages but yell mostly in 1.

In 2012, I watched my eldest daughter Michelle finish her 1st half marathon. After the race, she said to me "it's great, you should try it".  Of course I responded with "are you kidding?" - she was not, and was relentless in making me sign up for a half marathon.  So I started running the next day - that was Memorial Day Monday 2012 (May 28).

Why 50 5K?

I love to run, but not all the time. Finding the motivation to dress up and go is not always easy especially when it's under 48°F (8°C) outside.  

In the first 2 years, my motivation was to finish various distances. I conquered my first 5K (3.1 miles) after 47 days of running, then a 10K within 127 days, and my first half marathon within 5 months.

In my second year of running, I aimed to finish a full marathon - 26.2 miles.  Checked that off in September 2013.  So what's next?  50 5K by age 50.