Monday, October 6, 2014

#33 - Fit to Food 5K, about the race and return from social networking

Anne (left) and Maritza (right) placed 2nd and 1st, respectively in the 
50-59 Age Group. Maritza finished in 22:54.
I apologize that it's been over 10 races since I last updated this blog. I thought I could just recap my races in Facebook because many of my friends are already there and can quickly respond to each post. It’s also easier for me to load pictures and short stories from my phone to Facebook versus updating this blog. However, social networking sites have limitations.

First and foremost, posts made via Facebook are not searchable. If you were interested in reading about a race from 2 weeks ago, you may have to scroll endlessly through my timeline to find it. Second, there are so 
many stories in my newsfeed, and so little time to read all of them.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

#25 - 2nd Emmaus Dash and Splash 5K

I had no intentions of splashing but after the storm, there was no choice.

The 2nd Emmaus Dash and Splash, held in Emmaus, Pennsylvania on July 23, 2014 was originally organized to provide 5K participants an opportunity to swim in the community pool.  However, due to lightning and thunder, they closed the pool early.