Saturday, October 4, 2014

#25 - 2nd Emmaus Dash and Splash 5K

I had no intentions of splashing but after the storm, there was no choice.

The 2nd Emmaus Dash and Splash, held in Emmaus, Pennsylvania on July 23, 2014 was originally organized to provide 5K participants an opportunity to swim in the community pool.  However, due to lightning and thunder, they closed the pool early.

It was around 7 pm when we lined up to start.  The asphalt road looked like a small creek.  My socks quickly got drenched within the 1st 7 steps.  It was a soggy race from then on.

Wet conditions aside, I'm happy with this race for many reasons. 

First, it is a true 5K race (see course map). I've experienced 2 races were the route was either too short, and 3 that were too long by about 1/10 mile or .16 kilometers

Second, the organizers constantly communicated expectations. They announced when they intended to start the race, how the course looks like, where to expect water stations, and more.

Third, arrows marked all intersections and in some places, a peppy volunteer directed and cheered us through the right path.

Fourth, results were immediately available on site, and online.

Faced with all the challenges, the hills and my soggy socks, I am grateful that I finished this race in 29:27 and won 2nd place in the female aged 40-49 group.

Would I run this again?  You bet!

Race Facts

Address: Emmaus Community Park, 1401 Shimerville Road, Emmaus, Pennsylvania 18049

Course: hilly asphalt road

Date and Time: Wednesday, July 19, 2014 at 6:30 pm

Kids Fun Run: none

Parking: Free and plenty

Participants: 55; includes runners, walkers, dog walkers, stroller joggers, children

Post Race Nourishment: water, protein shake

Price: $22

Prizes: $10 gift cards for top 3 men, and 3 women, and top 2 men, and 2 women of each of the following groups:

  • 19-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60+

Results: immediate; Online results were published within 1 hour after the race

Restrooms: park restrooms

Shirt: cotton shirt

Timing: traditional

Water Stations: 1 station accessible about 1/2 way through the course


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