Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#13 - Appalachian Aquathlon, 5K, & Kid's Triathlon

I participated in this event with my daughter, Michelle. It's the smallest race I've finished so far but the camaraderie among runners and volunteers was amazing. Everyone was a stranger at the starting line, but not after the finish.

Sarah, aged 70, finished in 47:56
It was a warm and humid Sunday morning on June 8 in Asheville School, North Carolina. Michelle was ahead of the pack when one of the runners told her, "Don't let me get ahead of you!" It was really nice -- I love it when runners encourage each other. I wish I could do more of this while running, but it's tough for me to talk while gasping. Plus with my accent, I can easily be misunderstood.

Seventy-year-old Sarah, was the most inspiring. She started running less than a year ago and lost 40 pounds. We all cheered as she approached the finish line. One runner who finished earlier went back to run with her. She finished in less than 50 minutes!

showing off our trophies
My daughter and I took first and second place in the women's category. This was relatively easy - there were only 12 runners =) Well, make that 18 including the 6 aquathlon participants. What's an aquathlon?  It's another sports event where athletes swim first, then run. Kinda like a triathlon without the biking part.

This was an inaugural event. Next year may be more challenging. I would run this race again if given the chance - it is flat, shaded, and most of all, friendly and fun.

About the Event

Location: Asheville School, North Carolina
Course: mostly flat with a couple of hills, trail with mixed surface (some grass, some asphalt, lots of dirt)
Timing: gun time
Organizers:  idaph.net
Food:  healthy choices available (banana, pretzels, bars, and water)
Results: released within the same day


- first or second mile
most of the course is made of dirt -