Thursday, June 5, 2014

#11 - Tortoise and the Hare

5K race #11 happened on Memorial Day Monday, May 26, 2014 in Wind Gap, PA - Tortoise and the Hare.   No awards here (maybe), but I might have broken my personal record.  I really cannot say for sure. 

This uncertainty is killing me. It's been almost 2 weeks and I cannot find the official results anywhere - not on their website nor Facebook, not in race results sites, and not even through Google search. I did not get any response from the race director either when I emailed him last week.
course map
I thought hard about staying after I finished the race to support other runners, but I was also worried about my family (I thought it was garage sale day which needed a lot of attention).

This is the 6th Tortoise & Hare 5K Run/Walk if not more. It benefits Project Child - the child abuse prevention coalition of the Lehigh Valley, PA.  Onsite registration was organized, volunteers were pleasant, nice tech shirts, and food was more than I expected - a memorial day feast including chili, hot dogs, and BBQ in addition to the usual bagels and banana.  Raffle prizes were also given away based on racers' bib numbers.

It was a mildly hilly course on macadam road and some nice view.  

Finish time was based on gun time.  Usually, at the end of a race, someone would tear off the bottom of my bib, add it to a board after other finishers, and match it with the timer (someone else takes note of the time when someone crosses the finish without knowing who finished).  This is the first time my bib was not touched by the time keepers. Instead, someone yelled my bib number and another person wrote it down in a list.

223 were registered - I wonder how many of them know the results. 

To stay or not to stay?  For races with with about 150 participants, closing happens relatively quickly - about an 1 1/2 hours from running start.  I try to hang around after I finish. I like checking out other things happening at the race like exhibits, expos, maybe a free massage.  Had I known results for this race would take forever to be available (and I'm still optimistic that it will be available), I would have tried harder to stay until closing. 


Update: June 7, 2014 - results are finally available at

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