Monday, June 2, 2014

#12 - Kreidersville Covered Bridge 5K Challenge

Corn galore
This is one of the most beautiful, well organized, and thoughtful 5K races I've finished. It was 3.1 miles of refreshing landscape.
Most parts are macadam road lined with farms, and big trees. At one point, we saw horses running with us. My son JMR was very much entertained by the whiteface hereford cows relaxing in the cool shadows of the trees.

For a short portion, we ran through a shady trail along a creek. The sound of the running water was so rejuvenating. There were some smooth rolling hills that made the race a good challenge.

Sound of serenity - 2nd mile
A total of 190 runners were in the race - 106 finished the 5K while 84 ran the 10K. The atmosphere before and after the race was festive.

Thank you to the organizers of this race - you made me feel welcome. I appreciate the quick and gracious response when I asked for more info via email, and in person before the race. The fruits and drinks were sweet and delicious. The buffet items made me feel like you truly cared about our health. Love the peanut butter in between the apples and the bagels - never saw that served in other races.  

I also thank the organizers for posting the race results within a timely period (24 hours). My first stop though was the KCB website. I only thought of finding the results at Pretzel City Sports because I saw their name at the finish line.

Knowing the results is important to me because it gives me closure.  My official finish time is my trophy.

This race happens every year and the party ... er, festival happens every 2 years. I wish we brought our friends for this. Good thing is it's happening again in 2016.

Horses frolicking

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running through the covered bridge
Towards the finish line

Festival grounds
Festival grounds
Healthy feast for runners

From parking lot to registration
Running home to finish line

Walking towards starting line