Sunday, June 1, 2014

My 10-year old son who hates running finished a 5K today

Before race
My son JMR finished the Kreidersville Covered Bridge 5K Challenge with me today placing 81 of 106 runners and attained his personal record of 45:02 (minutes:seconds)!
This is JMRs 3rd 5K and my 12th since we started running in 2012.

JMR plays soccer and is passionate about baseball but it's tough to get him out to run.  I've tried to inspire him but mostly I just force him. 

I hate to coerce him into running but I do it anyway because I find it more painful to see him in front of the TV (or iPad) all day and grow sideways. Besides, I believe running will make him a better soccer or baseball player.

Start to after finish

He hates to run but says he feels good after and would do it again. Of course, on the day we need to do it again, there's much yelling (mostly by me) and drama.  

Today was just like any other day. We began with ugly and ended with happy. The look on his face after crossing the finish line is priceless! 

Will he run again?  Well, our next 5k will be on Saturday after Thanksgiving in November - that's the Turkey Trot which has become a family tradition.  If it were up to him, he would just walk it. But tough 'ol mom will be pushing him to finish with a new personal record. It's really so much easier for me to let him have his way but I know I'll regret "easy" later on.

I'm not giving up on his running.  He may never like it but I'm hoping that he remembers the excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes with crossing the finish line, and live an active life.

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